After Sales Service

Are You Building? All you need to do is upload your building plan and we will send you an estimate of all the materials you need.

You can also take a virtual walk using our visualizer app to see what the finished product of the walls, roof and paving of your choice looks like on application!

Enter contact details and upload plan

Ask BETA And that’s not all. Our ASK BETA platform allows you to chat with us about anything construction-related.

Need to buy a legal and vetted stand? ASK BETA. Need an architect? ASK BETA. Need help with obtaining council clearances and licenses for your stand? ASK BETA. Need a registered building contractor?

The ASK BETA platform is our value added service to assist you in all things construction, through our network of tried and trusted partners in the construction value chain. We will link you to all the expert services you need to help you build in Zimbabwe. Download the list of certified BETA Partners below.

Brick Calculator Use This Popup To Calculate The Bricks Required For Your Project.


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