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Concrete Roof Tiles

Our concrete roof tiles are strong, maintenance free and keep their good looks for longer

While our tiles get stronger with time, so our through colour and smooth finish means your tile colour won’t fade but last through time and all weather conditions, looking as new as the day they were laid. With Beta tiles, you not only get maintenance free roofing but also the most stylish, long lasting look for your home or building.

Choose the concrete roof tile design for you

Our Double Roman profile is the modern version of the tiles popular in Europe for over 2000 years with all the functional benefits of today’s interlocking concrete technology.

Our Mendip profile creates a gentle flowing pattern that gives instant appeal. It is the perfect combination of strength, a beautiful smooth surface and stunning aesthetics.

A Beta roof is a low maintenance roof

With Beta concrete roof tiles you have the added bonus of knowing that once your roof has been laid, there is very little maintenance to be done. Our tiles are made to keep their good looks for longer. If there is any damage to a section of your roof, you can easily replace individual tiles without having to replace the whole roof.

Longer-lasting concrete roof tiles

Beta believes in bringing you the highest quality roof tiles in Africa. That’s why our concrete roof tiles are made to last longer, to withstand all harsh weather conditions and any climate. Tests have shown that concrete roof tiles actually strengthen as they age and our tiles have a lifespan of up to 100 years. Beta concrete roof tiles are also non-combustible, so they protect your home against fire.

Concrete roof tiles that won’t fade

Trust Beta to bring you concrete roof tiles that won’t fade. In fact, with our colour through technology you can now lay a roof that will keep the same rich colour for years to come. The smooth finish on all our concrete roof tiles means their colour and finish will withstand corrossion from abrasive conditions such as wind keeping your home looking as new as the day it was built.

Length = 420mm
Wind speed resistance
Averages between
Thickness = 10mm
- 125km/r
4.2kg and 4.5kg
Double Roman
Width = 330mm