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BETA Holdings - SBU's

BETA Holdings currently has three operating SBUs – BETA Bricks, BETA Concrete (Private) Limited and BETA Logistics (Private) Limited. Beta Properties is the Group’s property holding arm.

BETA Holdings Group is headquartered in the Mount Hampden area of Harare, Zimbabwe and has a staff complement of over 900 people.





BETA Bricks

BETA Holdings Quality Bricks

BETA Bricks is the flagship of the BETA Group and it is the largest company both by production and market share in its sector of clay brick manufacturing.

BETA Concrete

BETA Holdings Quality Concrete

BETA Concrete specializes in the manufacture and sales of concrete roof tiles, bricks, pavers and aggregates

BETA Logistics

BETA Holdings Quality Service

BETA Logistics supports the Group’s inbound and outbound logistics.