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Beta Logistics is a dedicated unit that supports all BETA transportation needs, from collection and delivery of raw inputs for production to the delivery of our final product to you, our customer.

Logistics management is a crucial part of the supply chain. Its role is to plan, implement and control the efficient movement and storage of goods in order to meet our customers’ requirements. The Beta way is to provide a seamless supply service. That’s why  we are constantly striving to find new ways in which to simplify the process and achieve maximum efficiency.

Our shrink-wrap packaging technology, state-of-the-art delivery trucks and country-wide depots mean that we can guarantee safe and reliable delivery to you within hours of dispatching an order, anywhere in Zimbabwe, right to your doorstep.

With a team of dedicated and skilled fleet managers, inventory specialists, mechanics and drivers, Beta Logistics handles more cargo, reduces pilferage and breakages and provides an all-round superior logistics service.

We operate with the following machinery:

  • Shrink wrapping facilities
  • Fleet tracking systems
  • Self-loading trucks
  • Tipper trucks
  • Tractors
  • Tankers
  • Bell dumpers
  • Modified bell loggers (grabbers)

A few of the advantages of the logistics services are:

  • Palletised and shrink wrapped product
  • Mechanised loading and offloading
  • Product integrity and quality preserved
  • No more pilferage/delivery shortages
  • Loading/Offloading takes about 20 minutes
  • Predictable & Reliable Delivery time -Greater Harare Deliveries within two hours
  • Satellite Tracking of deliveries
  • No more need for customers to take time-off their busy schedules to escort a delivery

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